The One With The Pink Culottes

First week back at work and its seems like I have never been away. Its funny how that always happens. How you so easily fall back into a routine and sort of forget everything else except for work. Its weird to think this is my life now. No more education. Just work.

I dont mean that in a bad way. Its just taken a bit of time to get used to. Ever since I have started work I do find myself reminiscing on the old days. School days. Uni days. HOLIdays! I know there is no point its not like I can go back (have they invented the flying time travelling  DeLorean yet?) but I have to admit those times were easier. At school the only worry was homework. At uni the only worry was assignments/exams (and what you were going to wear- but thats just me!)

Growing up is scary. Because so much is unknown. But I need to remember that is half the fun. Its annoying though because I always like to know what is happening all the time. Thats why I dont like surprises! But when you’re getting older you cant know whats happening all the time. You are just thrown in and you need to swim or you risk sinking.


Todays blog features an outfit that is probably one of my favourites. 12345damn my closed eyes!6

I dont know why I thought this was an acceptable pose.


Culottes: Missguided

High neck top: Asos

scarf and jacket: New Look

Peep toes: Debenams 

bag: Primark


OneRepublic- Kids

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