About Me

You know how people write their ‘about me’ pages or twitter bios with few words to describe themselves, for example:

“student, murderer, occasional tea drinker.”

I hate doing that. I don’t think I would be able to define myself in a few words. I don’t want to define myself in a few words. Trying to think of something interesting to say is hard enough. I feel like those few words, that small paragraph will define me as a person. We are all too complex to be defined by a few words. So, having said that I am going to completely contradict myself and tell you a few things about myself. Some lighthearted conversation fillers, if you will. I will also do it in third person (because I am pretentious and corny)

The recent wearer of the hijab- Amara is trying to break the blogesphere with ‘A short Cut’. She is a  a small human who is quiet, but will engage in meaningful conversations if you initiate it. She likes experimenting with modest fashion, but will always end up wearing the comfiest ‘maybe not fit for the outside world’ things at home. She enjoys buying pretty, expensive make-up and watching countless tutorials that she knows she will never try in reality. She will laugh. At everything. She will laugh at your jokes even if they aren’t funny, because she feels everyone should feel like they are funny once in a while. But you will know if she thinks your jokes are funny.  She likes taking photos, but doesn’t really know the full use of her camera.

So there you go, how did I do?

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