The one where shes blue

Thats right folks, I’m back. Not that any of you noticed my absense. But if you did, I thank you.

This blogpost is named ‘The one where she’s blue. That is because,my dear bloggers, I am sad.

Tomorrow marks my last day of the holidays. Come Monday like everyone else in the UK (I think anyway) I too will be joining the world of work yet again for another year. And that is the worst. I have been on holiday for so long I forgot what hard work feels like. Its not that I don’t enjoy my job. Because I do. A lot. But there’s something about waking up late, drinking tea whilst watching countless episodes of Parks and Recreation that appeals to me. When I work I have hardly any free time. A lot of my time is spent on paperwork and long nights. So when it comes to the holiday it feels great just to sit around and do nothing.

This holiday I didn’t go on holiday. I mean like a holiday abroad. And at first I was quite sad that I wasn’t joining the hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of people on my facebook/intagram on soaking up the sun and lounging about in beautiful locations around the world. But you know what? I am actually glad I didn’t go on holiday. Because I spent my holiday with the people that matter the most. My family. And that was all the holiday I needed.

Now its nearly the end of the holiday I am clinging to the last days as hard as I can. And what, may you ask, am I doing to make the most of the last days.

Well dear folks. I am online shopping. Dont judge me too harshly. I shop when I am sad. It makes me happy again… for a while.


The dress: Oasis

the Scarf: Wallis

The shoes: Forever 21 (you will see a reoccurring theme when it comes to this store)

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