The One With The Camel

When I am working on my laptop I cannot listen to songs. They distract me and I end up writing the lyrics instead of what I am supposed to write. Instead I listen to movie soundtracks and instrumental music. It’s sort of soothing in a sense. So after years of listening to the greats like Hans Zimmer, John Newton Howard, John Powell and of course John Williams I went to see a live orchestra today. It was as magical as you would expect it to be.  A Tribute to John Williams. SO much talent. SO many tears.

Anyway onto the outfit.  img_5243img_5235img_5238img_5249

Jeans- New look

Boots- Wallis

Roll neck top- Asos

Camel jacket- A Gift


The One With The Pink Culottes

First week back at work and its seems like I have never been away. Its funny how that always happens. How you so easily fall back into a routine and sort of forget everything else except for work. Its weird to think this is my life now. No more education. Just work.

I dont mean that in a bad way. Its just taken a bit of time to get used to. Ever since I have started work I do find myself reminiscing on the old days. School days. Uni days. HOLIdays! I know there is no point its not like I can go back (have they invented the flying time travelling  DeLorean yet?) but I have to admit those times were easier. At school the only worry was homework. At uni the only worry was assignments/exams (and what you were going to wear- but thats just me!)

Growing up is scary. Because so much is unknown. But I need to remember that is half the fun. Its annoying though because I always like to know what is happening all the time. Thats why I dont like surprises! But when you’re getting older you cant know whats happening all the time. You are just thrown in and you need to swim or you risk sinking.


Todays blog features an outfit that is probably one of my favourites. 12345damn my closed eyes!6

I dont know why I thought this was an acceptable pose.


Culottes: Missguided

High neck top: Asos

scarf and jacket: New Look

Peep toes: Debenams 

bag: Primark


OneRepublic- Kids

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The one where shes blue

Thats right folks, I’m back. Not that any of you noticed my absense. But if you did, I thank you.

This blogpost is named ‘The one where she’s blue. That is because,my dear bloggers, I am sad.

Tomorrow marks my last day of the holidays. Come Monday like everyone else in the UK (I think anyway) I too will be joining the world of work yet again for another year. And that is the worst. I have been on holiday for so long I forgot what hard work feels like. Its not that I don’t enjoy my job. Because I do. A lot. But there’s something about waking up late, drinking tea whilst watching countless episodes of Parks and Recreation that appeals to me. When I work I have hardly any free time. A lot of my time is spent on paperwork and long nights. So when it comes to the holiday it feels great just to sit around and do nothing.

This holiday I didn’t go on holiday. I mean like a holiday abroad. And at first I was quite sad that I wasn’t joining the hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of people on my facebook/intagram on soaking up the sun and lounging about in beautiful locations around the world. But you know what? I am actually glad I didn’t go on holiday. Because I spent my holiday with the people that matter the most. My family. And that was all the holiday I needed.

Now its nearly the end of the holiday I am clinging to the last days as hard as I can. And what, may you ask, am I doing to make the most of the last days.

Well dear folks. I am online shopping. Dont judge me too harshly. I shop when I am sad. It makes me happy again… for a while.


The dress: Oasis

the Scarf: Wallis

The shoes: Forever 21 (you will see a reoccurring theme when it comes to this store)

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A short Cut// Pop of colour! Eyeshadow tutorial


Adding a pop of colour to your everyday eye make-up routine can make so much of a difference. It opens your eyes up more and I would even  say it makes them appear bigger. And if you have a lovely eye colour than my boring brown it will make them pop even more!

This tutorial is no different  than any of my other ones and is super easy with only three steps! You can easily change up any of the products used for different ones.


You will need:

A gold cream eyeshadow base. I used this maybelline colour tattoo one in on and on bronze.

A shimmery gold eyeshadow. This one is 17 starry eyes.

A bright eyeshadow. This can be any colour, but I went for a bight blue shade. This palette is Sleek Divine Palette. 16



1. Using your fingers spread the gold eyeshadow base all over the eyelid.

2. Pack on the shimmery gold eyeshadow on top to make the eyes pop.

3. Take a thin eyeshadow brush or an eyeliner brush and dip it into the bright eyeshadow. Carefully line outer third of your eyes under the bottom lashes. You can always add more eyeshadow but I stuck to the outer third.

And there you have it!

Let me know if you try this look out!

19After editing these pictures and staring at them for too long I have come to the conclusion that my eyes and not equal. I did have a bit of a freak out when I realised that, but alas god made me like that and I cannot complain. (doesn’t stop me though)

A short cut// 5 thing I have learnt as an adult.

As of the 11th of June I have officially finished education. And that is scary as hell. Because I have been in education for more than half of my life. Precisely sixteen years. I know education. Its a sort of routine I have got used too. And now its finished. Now I am getting ready for the next chapter of my life. I was on the phone to my uncle and he said ‘welcome to the real world’. And its so true. Although I have been in education for 16 years this new chapter will be the rest of my life. I am now officially an adult. Which is scary as FRICK. Although I am only on the brink of adulthood there are a few things I have learnt on my small time as an adult.

1. It is not okay to cry.


image source

You know as a child, when you are upset you can just cry. And someone will always be there to comfort you and soothe you and say everything is going to be alright. And you wont get judged for it. Because you are a child and that’s what children do. Now I’m not saying people wont comfort you when you cry as an adult, but its different. I have found that crying as an adult is a sign of weakness. Especially if you are a woman. If you cant do something or you want to get out of a situation you cant just cry any more. Imagine going to someone house who you don’t want to go to. You cant just cry to try and get out of it. You have to power on through and hope to god its goes fast. Which lead onto the next lesson.

2. You will do things you don’t want to do.


image source

When you get older you cant just fake an illness, or pretend to be sleeping. You have to man up whether you want to or not. Whether its doing a presentation when you hate public speaking, or meeting someone you don’t want to meet, or even interacting with someone you really do not like. Doing stuff you don’t want to do is just a part of life when you grow up. And yeah it sucks. But that’s life.

3. Arguments you get into as adults are much bigger deal than ones you have as a kid.


image source

Getting into arguments as kids were so minor. Even as teenagers, they may feel like they are the end of the world but most of the time you see each other school everyday so you are more likely to forgive them. When you become adults arguments are so much more harsh. People can literally hold grudges for so long and the arguments can be so much more personal. Its like when you get older you find it harder to forgive people. Which is very sad if you think about it. So many arguments could have been resolved if people forget about their pride for a moment and say sorry.

4. The friends you make when you were younger will not always be your friends when you are older.


image source 

And that’s okay. Because sometime you drift apart. Sometimes you go in two different directions and change. And when you see each other you realise that you are not the two same people you were when you were younger. And its not that you don’t like each other. Its just that you are different. But you will meet so many people in your life, you wont be alone. And if you somehow have that friend from childhood who you are still friends with then you are lucky. Obviously that friendship is meant to be.

5. You will meet a lot of people in your life, and not all of them will like you.


image source

Getting older is different than being in school. In school you have your group of  friends and you see the same people day in day out. Getting older is different. You will have to interact with a lot more people. Not all of these people will stay in your life, they are only meant to be in your life for a certain time. But with all the people you interact with, not everyone is going to like you. This was quite hard for me to comprehend as I am a people pleaser. If a person does not like me I would want to know ‘why, how could they not like me, I’m freakin’ delightful!’ But you have to learn that everyone is different. And with that, they have different thoughts, opinions, ways of living. And you just have to accept that not all of them are going to like the person you are. And that’s okay.

It may seem that all of these things are negative but there are so many positives about growing up. Maybe I’ll do a post about them soon.

There isn’t a clear date of time where you can just say ‘yes I am an adult now’. It sort of just happens. But that doesn’t mean you cant have fun. That’s half of growing up.


A short Cut// The Lazy Girls Eye-Liner Tutorial.


I dont know about you but I’m feeling twenty twooo but when it comes to eyeliner it is definitely a love hate relationship. I love how it looks on, it really makes your eyes more defined and appear bigger BUT sometimes its so hard to apply. and it takes so long.

This is something that I do when I have not got any time in the morning but still want to look like I made a little bit of effort. It doesn’t take as long as eye-liner but it still defines the eyes better than if you were going bare eyed. And we all know bare eyed is not a good look… Yeah I am rambling here…

Oh and another thing, after I took these pictures I noticed that in most of the pictures there is a piece of dust in the majority of pictures, so if you see that, its (ANNOYINGLY) in my lens and not my face. Also my eyebrows are a mess. Dont judge. OK onto da fing.

You really only need three things:

  • A black eyeshadow for the ‘eyeliner’
  • a neutral shade for the lids. You can skip this step but I find that my eyelids a little discoloured so a neutral colour makes them look a little more awake.
  • a Mascara.


123 4.145

1. Paint your eyes in the gorgeous shimmery pink shade that screams ‘I may look sensible but there’s a party on my eyes…’

2. Carefully but not careful use a tiny eye brush to create a line of black eyeshadow across your eye. It doesn’t have to be neat, and doesn’t have to go across the whole eyelid. You could just put it on the edge to create a sort of smoky look.

3. I don’t understand, every time I do this part the black eyeshadow looks smudged terrible but I managed to do it perfect for this tutorial?!

4. Use a smudger brush to blend the eyeshadow. blend it up a little to make it smoky. Add more black if you smoke too hard.

5. You can smoke it out for a little wing shadow.

6. Now is the tricky part, applying mascara without getting any on your eyelids.

And there you go. Have fun!11

A Short Cut// What its really like to be skinny and small.

  1. People will pat your head.

they think that because they are taller than you it is okay for them to pat you on the head. But its not. Because I am not a cat. 

  1. People will lean on you.

You are the perfect height to be a leaning post. So they will. And it will be demeaning. And you will feel like a pillock.

  1. You cannot reach high shelves

Get ready to use your tip toes. Because you will be using them for the rest of your lives.

  1. You are NEVER allowed to talk about your weight.

If you mention anything about how thin you are or how you wish you can put on weight, you will start receiving death stares and rants about how you should be lucky with your size, how people wished to be your size or just simply ‘shut up Amara’.

  1. People will forever be grabbing your wrists

Yes you did read that correctly. You are reaching over for something and then out of nowhere iron clamps around your wrist. No you are not being arrested, it is just someone who is so confused about how thin your wrists are they have to touch them and see for themselves. And then starts the whole ‘OMG I CAN EVEN FIT MY SMALL FINGER AROUND IT, ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?!’

  1. You will always be mistaken for being younger than you are.

ALL. THE. TIME. At the cinema, in the shops, when you are applying for jobs, when you are with people you just met. ‘ohhh you do not look *insert any age* at all!’ Basically should be my tagline ‘Amara- “I thought you were much younger”

  1. On the train the sensor will not recognise you and you will be stuck between carriages trying not to freak out.

This has happened to me so many times. You are just casually walking to the next carriage, so you press the button to let you through the first sets of doors. So you go through and wait. And then the first set of doors close behind you. And you are still waiting. And then you start hyperventilating. And you turn around, but nothing happens. So then you start waving your arms around in case that might help. And then the sensor which is right at the top of the door recognises your flailing arms and lets you through. Crisis averted. 

But its too late because you have peed yourself

(True story)      (kinda)

  1. People think its okay to pick you up.

So people think its okay to pick you up when they hug you. And then they comment on how light you are. and you’re just there thinking ‘how long will it take for them to crush my ribs?’

  1. When you go out you will never be able to finish your meal.

This is the worst one. So make sure you go to eat with someone who has a big stomach and doesn’t mind eating leftovers.

  1. Trousers will never fit you. smart ones no way, skinny jeans, too long.

everything will look baggy on you.

But all in all, its not that bad! Love those non curves and the ability to not have to duck ever. Because YOU ROCK.

7ee05035f042a491905f5faa636e2a3bimage source.

The DIY of your life: The forever calender.

This is the story of how I made the best DIY project I have ever done.

You see the thing is, I love to be creative. I like making things. BUT. If things do not go my way, or if they do not look how I want them to look I get completely stressed out. Like this (FYI I just re-watched this video and was honestly laughing loads). I mean I tried making rice crispie treats last week and they were a complete flop! Who fails at making rice crispie treats? WHO? TELL ME, WHO?!


I’ll continue…

Anyway this project is so easy and cheap! I am not going to give you a full tutorial because this is not my idea. Literally everyone who is a pinterest lover will have seen it. You don’t need too many supplies, and the stuff you do need, you can get for pennies. This frame cost £1.99. I mean comonnn! good or WHAT?!

You will need:

7 Paint chips (preferably the colours of the rainbow)- It was a chore and a half to get these. I live 2 minutes away from B&Q but did they have them? ‘Sorry we don’t sell dulux paint, try homebase’. Homebase is 20 minutes away you HUNK A JUNK. But anyway it doesn’t matter because they are freeeeeee.

A frame– Got mine from The range. The range is so great for arts and crafts.

Double sided sticky tape– To stick the paint chips down.

Card pieces– for the month and notes.

Washi tape– I think this was the most expensive thing I bought. And it was all finished on this one DIY. But it looks cute, so WHO CARES.

Whiteboards pens– to write on the calender when its finished. Duhhh.


So after you get your frame take the glass off and use the paper that is supplied in it. There’s no need to waste time and try and measure a new piece when you have a piece all cut and ready to go!

After that just have fun. Like I said this is not my idea, so there are so many tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube.  Just play around with it and see what works.

I first laid all my paint chips in the order I wanted them in and then stuck them to the paper.

1 4

I liked the washi tape border so I decided to put it all the way round the edges.


I cut my paint chips because the original sizes of them didn’t fit on the frame.


Now its not perfect, But it works and does the job, that’s why I like it. AND most importantly it lasts forever. awwww



Let me know if you make one!