A short Cut// Pop of colour! Eyeshadow tutorial


Adding a pop of colour to your everyday eye make-up routine can make so much of a difference. It opens your eyes up more and I would even  say it makes them appear bigger. And if you have a lovely eye colour than my boring brown it will make them pop even more!

This tutorial is no different  than any of my other ones and is super easy with only three steps! You can easily change up any of the products used for different ones.


You will need:

A gold cream eyeshadow base. I used this maybelline colour tattoo one in on and on bronze.

A shimmery gold eyeshadow. This one is 17 starry eyes.

A bright eyeshadow. This can be any colour, but I went for a bight blue shade. This palette is Sleek Divine Palette. 16



1. Using your fingers spread the gold eyeshadow base all over the eyelid.

2. Pack on the shimmery gold eyeshadow on top to make the eyes pop.

3. Take a thin eyeshadow brush or an eyeliner brush and dip it into the bright eyeshadow. Carefully line outer third of your eyes under the bottom lashes. You can always add more eyeshadow but I stuck to the outer third.

And there you have it!

Let me know if you try this look out!

19After editing these pictures and staring at them for too long I have come to the conclusion that my eyes and not equal. I did have a bit of a freak out when I realised that, but alas god made me like that and I cannot complain. (doesn’t stop me though)


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