A short cut// 5 thing I have learnt as an adult.

As of the 11th of June I have officially finished education. And that is scary as hell. Because I have been in education for more than half of my life. Precisely sixteen years. I know education. Its a sort of routine I have got used too. And now its finished. Now I am getting ready for the next chapter of my life. I was on the phone to my uncle and he said ‘welcome to the real world’. And its so true. Although I have been in education for 16 years this new chapter will be the rest of my life. I am now officially an adult. Which is scary as FRICK. Although I am only on the brink of adulthood there are a few things I have learnt on my small time as an adult.

1. It is not okay to cry.


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You know as a child, when you are upset you can just cry. And someone will always be there to comfort you and soothe you and say everything is going to be alright. And you wont get judged for it. Because you are a child and that’s what children do. Now I’m not saying people wont comfort you when you cry as an adult, but its different. I have found that crying as an adult is a sign of weakness. Especially if you are a woman. If you cant do something or you want to get out of a situation you cant just cry any more. Imagine going to someone house who you don’t want to go to. You cant just cry to try and get out of it. You have to power on through and hope to god its goes fast. Which lead onto the next lesson.

2. You will do things you don’t want to do.


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When you get older you cant just fake an illness, or pretend to be sleeping. You have to man up whether you want to or not. Whether its doing a presentation when you hate public speaking, or meeting someone you don’t want to meet, or even interacting with someone you really do not like. Doing stuff you don’t want to do is just a part of life when you grow up. And yeah it sucks. But that’s life.

3. Arguments you get into as adults are much bigger deal than ones you have as a kid.


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Getting into arguments as kids were so minor. Even as teenagers, they may feel like they are the end of the world but most of the time you see each other school everyday so you are more likely to forgive them. When you become adults arguments are so much more harsh. People can literally hold grudges for so long and the arguments can be so much more personal. Its like when you get older you find it harder to forgive people. Which is very sad if you think about it. So many arguments could have been resolved if people forget about their pride for a moment and say sorry.

4. The friends you make when you were younger will not always be your friends when you are older.


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And that’s okay. Because sometime you drift apart. Sometimes you go in two different directions and change. And when you see each other you realise that you are not the two same people you were when you were younger. And its not that you don’t like each other. Its just that you are different. But you will meet so many people in your life, you wont be alone. And if you somehow have that friend from childhood who you are still friends with then you are lucky. Obviously that friendship is meant to be.

5. You will meet a lot of people in your life, and not all of them will like you.


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Getting older is different than being in school. In school you have your group of  friends and you see the same people day in day out. Getting older is different. You will have to interact with a lot more people. Not all of these people will stay in your life, they are only meant to be in your life for a certain time. But with all the people you interact with, not everyone is going to like you. This was quite hard for me to comprehend as I am a people pleaser. If a person does not like me I would want to know ‘why, how could they not like me, I’m freakin’ delightful!’ But you have to learn that everyone is different. And with that, they have different thoughts, opinions, ways of living. And you just have to accept that not all of them are going to like the person you are. And that’s okay.

It may seem that all of these things are negative but there are so many positives about growing up. Maybe I’ll do a post about them soon.

There isn’t a clear date of time where you can just say ‘yes I am an adult now’. It sort of just happens. But that doesn’t mean you cant have fun. That’s half of growing up.



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