A short Cut// The Lazy Girls Eye-Liner Tutorial.


I dont know about you but I’m feeling twenty twooo but when it comes to eyeliner it is definitely a love hate relationship. I love how it looks on, it really makes your eyes more defined and appear bigger BUT sometimes its so hard to apply. and it takes so long.

This is something that I do when I have not got any time in the morning but still want to look like I made a little bit of effort. It doesn’t take as long as eye-liner but it still defines the eyes better than if you were going bare eyed. And we all know bare eyed is not a good look… Yeah I am rambling here…

Oh and another thing, after I took these pictures I noticed that in most of the pictures there is a piece of dust in the majority of pictures, so if you see that, its (ANNOYINGLY) in my lens and not my face. Also my eyebrows are a mess. Dont judge. OK onto da fing.

You really only need three things:

  • A black eyeshadow for the ‘eyeliner’
  • a neutral shade for the lids. You can skip this step but I find that my eyelids a little discoloured so a neutral colour makes them look a little more awake.
  • a Mascara.


123 4.145

1. Paint your eyes in the gorgeous shimmery pink shade that screams ‘I may look sensible but there’s a party on my eyes…’

2. Carefully but not careful use a tiny eye brush to create a line of black eyeshadow across your eye. It doesn’t have to be neat, and doesn’t have to go across the whole eyelid. You could just put it on the edge to create a sort of smoky look.

3. I don’t understand, every time I do this part the black eyeshadow looks smudged terrible but I managed to do it perfect for this tutorial?!

4. Use a smudger brush to blend the eyeshadow. blend it up a little to make it smoky. Add more black if you smoke too hard.

5. You can smoke it out for a little wing shadow.

6. Now is the tricky part, applying mascara without getting any on your eyelids.

And there you go. Have fun!11


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