A Short Cut// What its really like to be skinny and small.

  1. People will pat your head.

they think that because they are taller than you it is okay for them to pat you on the head. But its not. Because I am not a cat. 

  1. People will lean on you.

You are the perfect height to be a leaning post. So they will. And it will be demeaning. And you will feel like a pillock.

  1. You cannot reach high shelves

Get ready to use your tip toes. Because you will be using them for the rest of your lives.

  1. You are NEVER allowed to talk about your weight.

If you mention anything about how thin you are or how you wish you can put on weight, you will start receiving death stares and rants about how you should be lucky with your size, how people wished to be your size or just simply ‘shut up Amara’.

  1. People will forever be grabbing your wrists

Yes you did read that correctly. You are reaching over for something and then out of nowhere iron clamps around your wrist. No you are not being arrested, it is just someone who is so confused about how thin your wrists are they have to touch them and see for themselves. And then starts the whole ‘OMG I CAN EVEN FIT MY SMALL FINGER AROUND IT, ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?!’

  1. You will always be mistaken for being younger than you are.

ALL. THE. TIME. At the cinema, in the shops, when you are applying for jobs, when you are with people you just met. ‘ohhh you do not look *insert any age* at all!’ Basically should be my tagline ‘Amara- “I thought you were much younger”

  1. On the train the sensor will not recognise you and you will be stuck between carriages trying not to freak out.

This has happened to me so many times. You are just casually walking to the next carriage, so you press the button to let you through the first sets of doors. So you go through and wait. And then the first set of doors close behind you. And you are still waiting. And then you start hyperventilating. And you turn around, but nothing happens. So then you start waving your arms around in case that might help. And then the sensor which is right at the top of the door recognises your flailing arms and lets you through. Crisis averted. 

But its too late because you have peed yourself

(True story)      (kinda)

  1. People think its okay to pick you up.

So people think its okay to pick you up when they hug you. And then they comment on how light you are. and you’re just there thinking ‘how long will it take for them to crush my ribs?’

  1. When you go out you will never be able to finish your meal.

This is the worst one. So make sure you go to eat with someone who has a big stomach and doesn’t mind eating leftovers.

  1. Trousers will never fit you. smart ones no way, skinny jeans, too long.

everything will look baggy on you.

But all in all, its not that bad! Love those non curves and the ability to not have to duck ever. Because YOU ROCK.

7ee05035f042a491905f5faa636e2a3bimage source.


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