The DIY of your life: The forever calender.

This is the story of how I made the best DIY project I have ever done.

You see the thing is, I love to be creative. I like making things. BUT. If things do not go my way, or if they do not look how I want them to look I get completely stressed out. Like this (FYI I just re-watched this video and was honestly laughing loads). I mean I tried making rice crispie treats last week and they were a complete flop! Who fails at making rice crispie treats? WHO? TELL ME, WHO?!


I’ll continue…

Anyway this project is so easy and cheap! I am not going to give you a full tutorial because this is not my idea. Literally everyone who is a pinterest lover will have seen it. You don’t need too many supplies, and the stuff you do need, you can get for pennies. This frame cost £1.99. I mean comonnn! good or WHAT?!

You will need:

7 Paint chips (preferably the colours of the rainbow)- It was a chore and a half to get these. I live 2 minutes away from B&Q but did they have them? ‘Sorry we don’t sell dulux paint, try homebase’. Homebase is 20 minutes away you HUNK A JUNK. But anyway it doesn’t matter because they are freeeeeee.

A frame– Got mine from The range. The range is so great for arts and crafts.

Double sided sticky tape– To stick the paint chips down.

Card pieces– for the month and notes.

Washi tape– I think this was the most expensive thing I bought. And it was all finished on this one DIY. But it looks cute, so WHO CARES.

Whiteboards pens– to write on the calender when its finished. Duhhh.


So after you get your frame take the glass off and use the paper that is supplied in it. There’s no need to waste time and try and measure a new piece when you have a piece all cut and ready to go!

After that just have fun. Like I said this is not my idea, so there are so many tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube.  Just play around with it and see what works.

I first laid all my paint chips in the order I wanted them in and then stuck them to the paper.

1 4

I liked the washi tape border so I decided to put it all the way round the edges.


I cut my paint chips because the original sizes of them didn’t fit on the frame.


Now its not perfect, But it works and does the job, that’s why I like it. AND most importantly it lasts forever. awwww



Let me know if you make one!


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